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Seven in ten American think we should raise taxes on corporations and the rich

Do we live in a democracy? Then we should be taxing the rich more! Taxes have been a primary target for ideology in America. In the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie, the superrich paid around 90 percent taxes, and still … Continue reading

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The Daily Show and Class Warfare

Updates: Daily Show 092111 on Obama’s tax plan (and schooling Indiana governor Mitch Daniels) Daily Show 011911 Small government? Really? Jon Stewart and the Daily Show pulled out all the stops last night on their “say it like it is” … Continue reading

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Lil Wayne video: race, riot, class frustration

Lil Wayne’s Drop the World (full video here, MTV censored version here) features scenes of street rage by the socially marginalized. It does not offer a very deep critique of social repression, but the latter is shown as the origins … Continue reading

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