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Harvest of Empire–The untold story of latinos in America

The Democracy Now interviews of Juan Gonzales and Eduardo Lopez are very interesting:

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US policy in El Salvador in the early 1980s: Reality versus rhetoric

The US to El Salvador junta: we’ll do your fighting for you To prove that the US was committed to the principles of democracy and human rights, the US State in the early 1980s was obsessed with controlling who was … Continue reading

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Bias in the News: Some comments about structural conditions

Is the content of the news unbiased and objective? Can we assume that news outlets report objectively on world events and domestic issues? If this were the case, we could expect to hear a full spectrum of opinion, reflecting, minimally, … Continue reading

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Criticizing Obama from the Left

In the exceedingly narrow frame of reference for US party politics, Obama is commonly described as left of center. What is ignored is that the entire set of policy positions considered “Left” across the world are beyond the scope of … Continue reading

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