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Common Sense Economics

Videos Dean Baker lays out some of the basics behind what matters in the economy: This excellent documentary, featuring a range of analysts and commentators, offers an incisive view into the major business structure of the contemporary age, and its … Continue reading

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US Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria–Recent Data

Chris Woods is keeping extensive records and aggregated data of “US and allied air strikes” in Iraq/Syria here: Current Figures Below information is from the Woods database referenced above.

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After Destroying Gaza, Israel’s Benevolence

After destroying Gaza, Israel is generously letting some of the desperately needed reconstruction materials trickle through. One recalls Moshe Dayan’s quip that  Palestinians refusing submit to Israel will be forced to “live like dogs.” Haaretz: “Alaa Radwan, head of the … Continue reading

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Greenspan: “I Was Wrong”

I have been surprised in recent years to still encounter folks who have no idea what caused the financial collapse and who continue to proffer talking points about the virtues of the “free market” [1]. When I point out that … Continue reading

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Cost of New US War Front is Over Half a Billion Dollars–A Good Use of Public Funds?

An editorial today from the New York Times raises the issue of the cost of war to US taxpayers and the radically undemocratic processes by which the US is committed to ongoing planetary warfare in the 21st century. The Times: … Continue reading

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