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The Daily Show and Class Warfare

Updates: Daily Show 092111 on Obama’s tax plan (and schooling Indiana governor Mitch Daniels) Daily Show 011911 Small government? Really? Jon Stewart and the Daily Show pulled out all the stops last night on their “say it like it is” … Continue reading

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Police brutality in the US: white cops beating black bodies

This is why there is resentment in lower-class communities of color toward cops. Any questions? Given the recent media hysteria over Common, the rapper-poet recently invited to the White House, and whom Fox News have asserted is a supporter of … Continue reading

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The Daily Show becomes seriously political

The Daily Show is offering some of the most lucid, insightful political analysis on mainstream television today. Three weeks ago, after a one-week hiatus, the show returned as if with a new mandate: to get political. The gloves came off, … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck, America’s sad hero

“They’re not stupid. There is a revolution that is beginning. … Many of their people are in and around this administration… And they have a plan. Because they have a plan, they will win… They are going full throttle recruitment… … Continue reading

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