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Obama and stimulus dollars (tax incentives for jobs)

1. Obama wants to create tax incentives geared to boost job creation. 5000 dollars for each new worker hired, for example. Or reimbursed social security for an increase in hours. But geared toward smaller businesses, since you can’t make more … Continue reading

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Carbon in the atmosphere today and global warming

Juan Cole present some useful figures for visualizing the current situation of global warming. When I think about the current situation of green legislation and its many obstructionists (including the US government), I am nostalgic for the way of thinking … Continue reading

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Israel finally addresses the Goldstone Report – by not addressing it

Background on the Goldstone report: The Goldstone report came out a few months ago as the first official UN investigation of the claims that Israel purposefully targeted civilians during its January 2008 battering of the Gaza strip. The Goldstone report … Continue reading

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I’ve always wondered if all those chemicals embedded in modern life add up in the end…

Now Berkeley researchers are finding that they do. In fact, women are finding it harder to get pregnant for having been exposed to the array of flame retardant chemicals(PBDEs) found in practically all our manufactured household objects (furniture, carpet, mattresses, … Continue reading

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Content from previous blogs

I’ve half-heartedly (and for short periods with all my heart!) experimented with blogging at these two sites, which paste here for general interest. They mostly contain politically oriented content:

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Hello world!

I’ll begin this blog by telling informing you about plastics. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been puzzled about the meanings of the little numbers on each plastic thing you use, and disturbed by reports that most of those numbers … Continue reading

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