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And what of Egypt…?

Strength in numbers In the interests of cultivating a general narrative of what it going on, here are some field notes. This NYTimes photo montage speaks louder than anything about what is happening this weekend in Egypt. The backdrop: Tunisia … Continue reading

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“The Palestine Papers”: Israel, Palestine, and bad negotiators

Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations The negotiations for a peaceful settlement (and a Palestinian state), the so-called Road Map to peace, and the status of the US as a good-faith mediator have been struck a potentially mortal blow over the weekend. Moreover, … Continue reading

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What can cultural criticism do? A reading of Rambo and Die Hards 1&4

Some of my friends and family wonder what exactly a critic does. Here are a few ideas and some explanations. For this post, I chose some common movies that everyone has perhaps seen, to serve as example of some of … Continue reading

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Winter in Chicago

And now already it’s a winter wonderland!    

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Fall in Chicago

Here are some overdue pictures of the beautiful place Chicago becomes in the fall.

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Our village dummy speaks again…Rush’s insatiable idiocy

It seems that practically every week I come across something out of Limbaugh’s mouth that I find so incredibly unthoughtful and short-sighted that I contemplate posting about it. And each time, I think to myself: no need to broadcast bigotry, … Continue reading

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The government is best that governs least…

This is a good idea, right? Well…if you’re rich. For the rest of us, it’s decidedly not a good idea – at least until we’ve improved the system. For a satirical view of the issue, watch this Daily Show segment, … Continue reading

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Innocents attacked: how terrorists are made (Operation Cast Lead in Gaza)

Here are the interviews of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, a famous medical doctor who practiced in Israel while living in Palestine, crossing the border each morning. During Operation Cast Lead, the 2008 Israeli invasion of Gaza, he found himself stuck in … Continue reading

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Antidote to Peter Bergen’s nonsense on the Daily Show (re: Afghanistan)

Peter Bergon says: We’ve made progress in Afghanistan. They like us. The Afghans want us to stay. The war is going great. This guy delivers rosy, handmade talking points about Afghanistan that correspond in nothing with what is actually happening … Continue reading

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What was King’s dream?

Today there are two roads we can take as we recognize, by mandate of the federal government, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But we should really ask ourselves: what was his Dream, and how do his words address today’s … Continue reading

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A lot to say…starting with Martin Luther King

I’ve been away for a while. Dissertations will do that to you. I have left out a lot of my thoughts and experiences in the last month or so that I took a break from blogging. Many things are bringing … Continue reading

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