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Humanitarianism, the new code of hypocrisy

Suffice it to say that in today’s world, zealous declarations about protecting civilians and humanitarian intervention is the newest cipher for Western strategic operations. When Obama, Sarkozy, and their allies make broad claims about saving humanity from evil, they are … Continue reading

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No-fly zone: reasons for (Gilbert Achcar interview)

Gilbert Achcar gives cogent arguments in favor of the no-fly zone. This should be read as a counter-weight to the arguments I presented in my earlier post criticizing the UN Security Council invasion. His reasoning is clear and persuasive: 1) … Continue reading

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Libya intervention, Obama hypocrisy

It has become clear that the UN resolution authorizing the use of force in Libya is essentially a mandate to oust Gaddafi. There are three major problems with what is going on, from my point of view. First, is the … Continue reading

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