The Daily Show and Class Warfare


Daily Show 092111 on Obama’s tax plan (and schooling Indiana governor Mitch Daniels)

Daily Show 011911 Small government? Really?

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show pulled out all the stops last night on their “say it like it is” satire of class war politics and the relentless ongoing campaign to push the tax burden onto the poor.

For about a month now the Daily Show has visibly morphed from satire that held back, only at times suggestive in its denunciations of the politics of the privileged, to a full-fledged attack on the hypocrisy and self-defeating logic of the ideologues of the privileged class. Today “The Daily Show” is the most politically progressive program  in mainstream media.

With guns blazing, all this month “The Daily Show” has refused to pull its punches when it exposes the duplicity and hypocrisy of the political right and establishment media in their relentless campaign against New Deal political policies.

What it comes down to is class warfare, as Fox News pundits have made clear by their consistent call, now made not allusively but candidly, to make the poor pay more taxes (see video below). “The Daily Show” has typically played a careful line, at times putting out acid satire but still holding a centrist line.

Jon Stewart has proven so far immune to the criticism of his Fox News adversaries because he consistently explodes their attacks by appropriating them instead of denying them. When Fox News launched a concerted campaign last month to demonize Stewart as a racist for his crass imitation of (African-American Republican presidential candidate) Herman Caine, Stewart replied on air by stringing and playing together a long list of race, class and other stereotypes he has used in his satire over the years, effectively exploding any charge Caine had received different treatment and pointing out that satire by definition has no interest in being PC and in fact plays with such stereotypes directly. When in the famous Crossfire interview one of the interviewers calls him “Jon Kerry’s butt-boy” (presumably for not having interviewed Kerry aggressively enough on the Daily Show), Stewart merely agreed and intensified, his usual strategy: “Oh ya, I was so far up his ass…you wouldn’t believe what he ate for breakfast!”

Besides a talent for exploding and defeating his opponents tactics, Stewart is undoubtedly the sharpest and most articulate interviewer in the mainstream media today, as any of us well-know who have watched him consistently take down in person a long list of right-wing ideologues, from Mike Huckabee to Bill O’Reilly.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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