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In case it’s not clear who the bad guys are in Iraq…

Here are excerpts just released¬†from the cablegate (wikileaks) trove of top secret US cables (this one was sent to Condoleeza Rice, then Secretary of State). Please read them and judge for yourself. (the original cable is here) […] American troops … Continue reading

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Fighting terrorism with terrorism…or Israel’s race to barbarism

There is a problem with fighting terrorism with terrorism – Israel’s clear strategy today in Gaza. It is a race to the moral bottom. A race to barbarism. There is a clear moral grid by which to judge Israel’s response … Continue reading

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What the revolution looks like up close…

Here is video from Tripoli today. It appears to the sacking of Aisha Qaddafi’s house there. Aisha is the Muamar’s daughter, and has long been a figurehead for the regime, the soft face of a brutal dictatorship.

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The Daily Show and Class Warfare

Updates: Daily Show 092111 on Obama’s tax plan (and schooling Indiana governor Mitch Daniels) Daily Show 011911 Small government? Really? Jon Stewart and the Daily Show pulled out all the stops last night on their “say it like it is” … Continue reading

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Santorum, the frothy lube mixture presidential candidate

Republican candidate Rick Santorum came out yesterday to tell us all that marriage “is what it is.” In other words, he goes on to add, it means whatever he says it means (see actual footage in video below). Holding a … Continue reading

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Here we go…Bachmann, Perry, Parry…I think I’m gonna be sick

The silliness has already begun, and this promises to be a funny one. As long as by funny, you know in your heart that I mean so stupid you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry and you choose laugh … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, the “scars of history,” and black kids’ self-drawings

On the white male psychoanalyst generating universal truths about black subjectivity: suspicious. Bill Cosby giving straight talk about racism, structural poverty and some black’s children’s internalizing of inferiority: worth watching.

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The Debt “Crisis” and what it means

The debt crisis is pulling me out of my hiatus. There is much to say, but here are the basics. 1. This is a false crisis. If you yell fire, people will panic and do things they otherwise would not. … Continue reading

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