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US Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria–Recent Data

Chris Woods is keeping extensive records and aggregated data of “US and allied air strikes” in Iraq/Syria here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gswM0MC1_tBDnLWQWUy3DQSGYHdshxAh2mlj4Cw3K-4/edit Current Figures Below information is from the Woods database referenced above.

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Iraq War–From “Six Weeks” to War-Without-End

Murtaza Hussein makes the salient point that the US is still seeing military deaths over the Iraq War and its consequences. George W. Bush, and those who brought us that war, over utterly false pretenses, are responsible for all the … Continue reading

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In case it’s not clear who the bad guys are in Iraq…

Here are excerpts just released¬†from the cablegate (wikileaks) trove of top secret US cables (this one was sent to Condoleeza Rice, then Secretary of State). Please read them and judge for yourself. (the original cable is here) […] American troops … Continue reading

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Curveball: The WMD were all in my head

The Guardian has broke a story that is a surprise to none: The WMD hype that brought the US public to a “kill Saddam” frenzy aand stifled political debate in Congress, leading up to the Iraq war, was all based … Continue reading

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King vs. Obama

If you have time to watch/read this video (or its attached transcript), it is enlightening and revealing. With surprising acumen, commentators compare Martin Luther King to Obama and find Obama hard to distinguish from any of his predecessors, even George … Continue reading

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