Common Sense Economics


Dean Baker lays out some of the basics behind what matters in the economy:

This excellent documentary, featuring a range of analysts and commentators, offers an incisive view into the major business structure of the contemporary age, and its consequences on society:


In truly random order, here are some books that I have found especially useful in understanding and contextualizing economics.

Joseph Stiglitz, Economics of the Public Sector.

Douglas Dowd, ed., Understanding Capitalism: Critical Analysis from Karl Marx to Amartya Sen.

Fred Block, Postindustrial Possibilities: A Critique of Economic Discourse.

Thomas Ferguson, Golden Rule.

Robin Hahnel, The ABCs of Political Economy.

Joel Baker, The Corporation. (Extension of the excellent documentary by the same name.)

Douglas Dowd, Capitalism and Its Economics, A Critical History.

Warren Mosler, The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy.

Ha-Joon Chang, Bad Samaritans.

Ha-Joon Chang, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism.

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