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Economics as business class ideology

One would expect economists to at minimum respond adequately to the questions of what must one know about the economy and what must be done to make the economy best serve human interests. It is claimed that economists learn about … Continue reading

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Chomsky on the one-state v. two state solution for the Palestinian conflit

Chomsky tends to discuss the “one-state” proposals in terms of a “bi-national state.” He opposes such an option in the short term, arguing that, among the available “solutions” to the conflict, this is the most cruel option for Palestinians. Chomsky … Continue reading

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Institutional incentives and their consequences in the social sciences

There are three major institutional incentives that I see which negatively affect the social sciences. They are (a) institutional hierarchy; (b) a factitious division of intellectual labor; and (c) publish or perish. I’ll explain how I think these operate. But … Continue reading

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Liberal education: What It Is and Why It’s Good

What is the interest of a liberal education? If a person reads the news, but has little perspective on the broader developments of human society, then they will not be in an ideal position to understand much of what is … Continue reading

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