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Israel-Palestine conflict: think the coverage is even?

Think again. From the from the Guardian: In 2004 the Glasgow University Media Group published a major study on TV coverage of the Second Intifada and its impact on public understanding. We analysed about 200 programmes and questioned more than … Continue reading

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Intellectual witch hunts: yesterday and today

In the United States, free speech is considered a cornerstone of democratic society. But is speech truly free here? As Chomsky and others have pointed out, the lip service paid to free speech simply means that more covert measures are … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck, America’s sad hero

“They’re not stupid. There is a revolution that is beginning. … Many of their people are in and around this administration… And they have a plan. Because they have a plan, they will win… They are going full throttle recruitment… … Continue reading

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How much do we remember about the political rhetoric leading into the war?

This stuff is incredible to listen to in hindsight, because it is so blatantly disingenuous and so flagrantly…wrong. One learns a lot though about how easily the Americans are manipulated. Let’s learn to think, learn to study history, learn to … Continue reading

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