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US State Spies for Corporations

According to an important leaked report from the NSA, the US spy agency has been prepared to steal information from foreigners on behalf of US corporations. The internal document, exposed by The Intercept, explores ideas like hacking into “foreign R&D … Continue reading

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F-35 and the military industrial complex

“The Pentagon system has long been the country’s biggest welfare program, transferring massive public funds to high-tech industry on the pretext of defense and security.” —Noam Chomsky, 1996 BRAVE NEW FILMS: The Jet that Ate the Pentagon For more detailed … Continue reading

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“Just” war and Just War Theory–A thorough debunking

Here is Michael Waltzer, giving a synopsis: Here is Obama, evoking “Just” War theory in the context of his bellicose positions: On Obama’s “Just” Wars:

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US policy in El Salvador in the early 1980s: Reality versus rhetoric

The US to El Salvador junta: we’ll do your fighting for you To prove that the US was committed to the principles of democracy and human rights, the US State in the early 1980s was obsessed with controlling who was … Continue reading

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How the state thinks–United States policy and intentions

Eisenhower, Indochina and US State policy Eisenhower, speaking about Indochina in the early stages of the Vietnam War, lets the truth out about the actual state concerns–control over resources, trade policies, and trade flows–in a speech he gave at a … Continue reading

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Early phase of the Vietnam War: 1945-1954

The images and text are taken from the documentary “A Television History of the Vietnam War“, Part I. The interviews of original actors on all sides, and the extensive footage of the events, make it an invaluable source for understanding … Continue reading

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