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The BBC–Can it be Trusted?

This seems to be the question on everybody’s lips this week. When I turn on the radio, it’s all I hear, no matter the channel. But let’s get one thing straight: it is trivial that we should be skeptical of … Continue reading

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Is Obama one of the “ten worst presidents” for civil liberties?

O mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the worst civil liberties president of them all? * Glenn Greenwald presents the terms for such an argument from the pages of the Guardian: Abraham Lincoln illegally suspended the core liberty of … Continue reading

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Bombs in Palestinian Schools

If there were no Hamas bombs or rockets in Gaza schools, as was repeatedly claimed during the January 2009 Israeli military assault on Gaza, then one wonders why they were systematically targeted by Israeli bombs. Blogger Ali Abunimah reports on … Continue reading

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US sanctions on Iran–are they just?

The United States has declared that any attempt by any power to hinder US access to essential resources will be considered an act of aggression liable to military retaliation. Thus if Iran were hypothetically to try to shut down the … Continue reading

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