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Occupy Wall Street as Three-card Monte for the media (or: Who’s a ringer?)

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The forces of counter-revolution amass (reacting to Occupy)

It is no secret that the forces with the most stake in the status quo, namely the business class and those currently running the state itself, can be expected to use every available tool to react to any perceived threat … Continue reading

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Interview of Francis Fox Piven (strategy and tactics of struggle, and Occupy Wall Street)

The perspicacious Doug Henwood, of the Left Business Observer, interviews Francis Fox Piven on the subjects of the how social struggles work, what strategies of struggle are most effective, and how to think about Occupy Wall Street. If you have … Continue reading

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Occupy Everywhere: Roundtable with Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, P. Bruener, Rinku Sen, W. Greider

This was a great roundtable discussion on the current state of the Occupy movement, some ideas and analysis, and possibilities for moving forward. I typed out part of the transcript of the roundtable on the fly, so please excuse lack … Continue reading

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When the people rise up, the state exposes itself for what it is…

A book-burning group of thugs willing to hit unarmed people or worse in order to maintain power over them.

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October 15 protests

The world is occupied: Here are just a few of the 900 cities occupied yesterday in protest of our system of economic injustice and institutionalized greed United States: occupation protests on Oct. 15 Chicago Phoenix Santa Rosa Denver Boulder Little … Continue reading

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