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More UC protest footage: officer draws gun on unarmed crowd

The police would state afterward that he was being beaten with his own baton. But the video below shows everything up close: he was shoving his way belligerently through a crowd using his baton, which he negligently drops. He then … Continue reading

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UC protest footage: pepper spray, police batons, and nonviolent protestors

this video is from yesterday, when there was a Regents meeting to raise tuition – again. It was raised a lot already last year, pricing many out of a UC education, which is supposed to be free and egalitarian. The … Continue reading

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“Weapons Training” in Afghanistan

U.S. Plan Envisions Path to Ending Afghan Combat Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press Police recruits during a weapons training session with Americans outside Kandahar. A plan’s success depends on building a strong Afghan Army and police force. Probably the most ridiculous part … Continue reading

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Assange shames CNN for pursuing gossip over war and death

Julien Assange, the man behind the Wikileaks release of hundreds of thousands of internal Pentagon documents detailing incidents of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, is interviewed by Larry King. Daniel Ellsberg, who was behind the Vietnam-era release of the Pentagon … Continue reading

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