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“Peace Process,” cont’d

In Israel and the Occupied Territories, there has been an uptick of violence in recent weeks. The article below runs through the events. We see the usual rounds of back and forth violence, with one side implementing its terrorism through … Continue reading

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Fighting terrorism with terrorism…or Israel’s race to barbarism

There is a problem with fighting terrorism with terrorism – Israel’s clear strategy today in Gaza. It is a race to the moral bottom. A race to barbarism. There is a clear moral grid by which to judge Israel’s response … Continue reading

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Palin, stupid bigotry, Islam, Ground Zero, and bad English

Juan Cole makes reminds us of some crucial points refuting the Islamophobia revolving around the 9-11 attack. Mainly, we should recall that the dark vision and ruthless tactics of a marginalized sect called al-Qaeda have virtually nothing to do with … Continue reading

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