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The obscene irony of the DSK rape case

Let’s review the of relevant facts: DSK is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a major figure on the French center-left and, until last month, president of the IMF. He was accused of rape while in NYC a month ago. This forced him to … Continue reading

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Greece: revolt bailout default IMF austerity collapse…how the people respond to the crisis

It’s a cliff-hanger. Greece…will it go into default? Will it get EU bailout number 2 of over a hundred billion dollars? Will its current socialist administration fall putting the government into crisis? Will the people continue the daily revolution, now … Continue reading

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Rough notes on Venezuela

South of the Border Here are some rough notes on Oliver Stone’s documentary “South of the Border”, which documents the recent democratic resurgence of leftist, socialist oriented regimes within Latin America, along with their consistent misrepresentation as “dictators” within the … Continue reading

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