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Peace in the Middle East? Kerry under fire–from Israel

As of today, Secretary of State John Kerry, a longtime partisan to Israeli interests, is condemned by Israelis–for being interested in peace at all. According Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon, Kerry approaches peace with “an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling.” … Continue reading

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The United States v. Nicaragua, 1984

In 1984, Nicaragua went to the highest court in the land, the International Court of Justice, created by the UN in 1946, to complain that the US had a) laid mines in all of its harbors in order to prevent … Continue reading

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Entrenched social inequality, as visible at Starbucks

Who’s in charge? This poster is on the wall of my local Starbucks.

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How the government will spend its discretionary monies in 2012

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Wealth gap in America

Much of the anger and frustration driving the Occupy protest movement is a reaction to the enormous and systemic inequality of wealth in our society. It is hard to see real unemployment hit Depression Era levels while bankers incomes continue … Continue reading

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