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Wealth Inequality in the US, and Rising

Today’s Times reports on the extreme wealth of a media baron: The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has paid more than $57 million for the top four flours of One Madison, a steel and glass luxury condominium tower in downtown Manhattan, … Continue reading

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How business controls government: Comcast merger

From this morning’s New York Times: “Win-win situation for American businesses,” said the statement from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. It was the start of what Comcast executives acknowledge will be a carefully orchestrated campaign, as the company … Continue reading

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Effects of a minimum-wage hike

A scholarly study cited by EPI restates the well-known fact that minimum-wage increase stimulates the economy, while also increasing the social welfare of lowest-tier workers. EPI summarizes: Based on the economic multiplier effect that results from putting additional income in … Continue reading

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Jeremy Scahill on Obama “lemmings”

Scahill, 13:20 and following, points out that it is right-wing libertarians, not centrist liberals, who have been militant about protecting civil liberties in the US, and resisting current attacks on political freedoms. “I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m … Continue reading

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New NSA Revelations: What Julian Assange Has to Fear

The most recent batch of classified NSA documents disclosed by Snowden reveal shocking facts about the criminalization of dissident speech by the US security state. It has been revealed by journalists at The Intercept that the NSA sought to put … Continue reading

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“Humanitarian” intervention in Syria?

The prospect for another US war front is rearing its head in Syria. The pretext, predictably, is humanitarian. What one has to ignore in order to take this pretext seriously is the actual historical record of US interventions in the … Continue reading

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The Bi-Partisan Budget Deal

The recent bi-partisan budget deal continues the recent trend of eviscerating the legacy of the New Deal and destroying a social contract in which citizens of the world’s wealthiest country have a floor under them to support and boost them. … Continue reading

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Mandela’s Postion on the PLO

Part of the whitewashing of history. Mandela’s political opinions were kept strictly out of the adulatory coverage following his death (as was the US’s position on apartheid South Africa for the bulk of its existence). Here are Mandela’s opinions regarding … Continue reading

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“Peace Process,” cont’d

In Israel and the Occupied Territories, there has been an uptick of violence in recent weeks. The article below runs through the events. We see the usual rounds of back and forth violence, with one side implementing its terrorism through … Continue reading

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The End of Liberty in Egypt

The following piece was written on Dec. 27, 2013. According to today’s news in the Times, Egypt’s military has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. This follows the Algeria pattern of counterrevolution. The military junta has now criminalized dissent, following months of … Continue reading

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Universal Health Care: What the Public Thinks

CBS Poll, 2009: Most BackPublic Health Care Option A clear majority of Americans — 72 percent — support a government-sponsored health care plan to compete with private insurers, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Most also think the … Continue reading

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US Health Care System: Poor Outcomes, Higher Costs Compared to Developed World

Commonwealth Fund report, 2008 Executive Summary Every family wants the best care for an ill or injured family member. Most are grateful for the care and attention received. Yet, evidence in the National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance, 2008, … Continue reading

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The Israeli Blockade on Gaza

The Guardian, editorializing on Dec. 27, reports that For the 1.7 million living in the tiny Gaza Strip, life has become increasingly desperate because of Israel’s continuing blockade, backed by Egypt and with no effective challenge from governments around the … Continue reading

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“Transfer” Thinking, or Ethnic Cleansing in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Word File: Ethnic Cleansing Sample statements (for full source citation, and many more statements, see the Word document above): Theodor Herzl, 1895: “We must expropriate gently . . . We shall have to spirit the penniless population across the border … Continue reading

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“Peace Process”

As the “peace process” drags on, and Kerry negotiates in yet another US “initiative,” the following occurs. Israel demolishes Palestinian houses built without a permit. The catch is, Israel almost never issues permits to Palestinians (Middle East Monitor): A researcher … Continue reading

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Peace in the Middle East? Kerry under fire–from Israel

As of today, Secretary of State John Kerry, a longtime partisan to Israeli interests, is condemned by Israelis–for being interested in peace at all. According Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon, Kerry approaches peace with “an unfathomable obsession and a messianic feeling.” … Continue reading

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US Material Support for the Egyptian Junta

The US is on the verge of offering a major support package to the Egyptian junta. According to the Daily Beast, Congress is preparing to allow the Obama administration to give more than $1 billion dollars to the Egyptian government … Continue reading

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F-35 and the military industrial complex

“The Pentagon system has long been the country’s biggest welfare program, transferring massive public funds to high-tech industry on the pretext of defense and security.” —Noam Chomsky, 1996 BRAVE NEW FILMS: The Jet that Ate the Pentagon For more detailed … Continue reading

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Does the experience of racist discrimination shorten one’s lifespan?

A recent study appearing in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, and co-authored by a Nobel laureate, produces research suggesting that it may: Conclusions Results suggest that multiple levels of racism, including interpersonal experiences of racial discrimination and the internalization of … Continue reading

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