George H.W. Bush’s War Crimes

To participate in the requisite hagiography of Bush I, following his recent death, here is a list of achievements as presented by Ramsey Clark, former US attorney general, at the 1991 War Crimes Tribunal Commission of Inquiry in NYC. A brief summary goes as follows: Bush committed enormous crimes and is a major criminal by any informed and moral evaluation. But here is Clark in 1991, begin citation:

1. The US engaged in a pattern of conduct beginning in or before 1989 designed to lead Iraq into provocations justifying US Military action…

3. President Bush ordered the destruction of facilities essential to civilian life … throughout Iraq. … The intention was to systematically destroy Iraq’s infrastructure …. [and] left Iraq in a near apocalyptic condition. [This] left the entire civilian population without heat, … refrigeration, … potable water, … The purpose of this bombing was to terrorize the entire country …. 

7. The US used prohibited weapons capable of mass destruction and inflicting indiscriminate death … [including] fuel air explosives …, napalm, cluster and anti-personnel fragmentation bombs, and “superbombs,” 2.5 ton devices. One seven mile stretch called the “Highway of Death” was littered with hundreds of vehicles and thousands of dead. All were fleeing to Iraq for their lives. Thousands were civilians, of all ages. 

9. President Bush ordered US forces to invade Panama, resulting in the deaths of 1k to 4k Panamanians … In the El Chorillo district of Panama City alone, hundreds of civilians were killed and between 15k and 30k made homeless. The US invasion of Panama violated all the international laws Iraq violated when it invaded Kuwait and more. 

13. President Bush encouraged and aided Shiite Muslims and Kurds to rebel against the government of Iraq causing fratricidal violence. …. 

14. President Bush intentionally deprived the Iraqi people of essential medicines, potable water, food ….

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