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Glenn Greenwald on Obama’s Civil Liberties (compared to Bush era)

Rough notes: Obama’s policies, especially regarding civil liberties and foreign policy, have been a wholescale extension, and often intensification, of Bush era policies. Even the political right has lauded Obama for having such a “strong” foreign policy. “For decades Republicans … Continue reading

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W. Bush now ranks with the bottom five in the list of effective presidents

History in the making; or, Bush: he’s no FDR. A group of scholars (200+) at the Siena institute publish every five years a list of “best” and “worst” presidents, according to their scores in domains such as imagination, integrity, foreign … Continue reading

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How much do we remember about the political rhetoric leading into the war?

This stuff is incredible to listen to in hindsight, because it is so blatantly disingenuous and so flagrantly…wrong. One learns a lot though about how easily the Americans are manipulated. Let’s learn to think, learn to study history, learn to … Continue reading

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