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New NSA Revelations: What Julian Assange Has to Fear

The most recent batch of classified NSA documents disclosed by Snowden reveal shocking facts about the criminalization of dissident speech by the US security state. It has been revealed by journalists at The Intercept that the NSA sought to put … Continue reading

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In case it’s not clear who the bad guys are in Iraq…

Here are excerpts just released¬†from the cablegate (wikileaks) trove of top secret US cables (this one was sent to Condoleeza Rice, then Secretary of State). Please read them and judge for yourself. (the original cable is here) […] American troops … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald on Obama’s Civil Liberties (compared to Bush era)

Rough notes: Obama’s policies, especially regarding civil liberties and foreign policy, have been a wholescale extension, and often intensification, of Bush era policies. Even the political right has lauded Obama for having such a “strong” foreign policy. “For decades Republicans … Continue reading

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these are just unbelievable…

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The Republican from Texas offers the most thoughtful response to Wikileaks on the Congressional floor

It’s amazing that we have to go all the way to the right, as far to the right as you can get, to the libertarian Republican Ron Paul, to get a thoughtful, reasoned, principled response to Wikileaks. As usual, Ron … Continue reading

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A beautiful island: naval base or home?

One astonishing scandal released by Wikileaks involved kicking people off an island so that the US military can have a base there. The story is that a few islands in the Indian Ocean, which are considered British territory, got officially … Continue reading

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When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. (Collateral Murder video)

If you haven’t seen the video that just broke showing the massacre of civilians by sadistic US army helicopter gunners, it is very highly recommended. I’ll say more on this later, but first it urgently just needs to be seen. … Continue reading

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