“Peace Process,” cont’d

Everything was reversed recently.

On Friday, April 9, Palestinian forces demolished several Israeli housing shelters built for the poor, using EU funds.

“On April 9, three of some 18 residential structures were demolished” [in] an area outside the sprawling settlement of Maale Adumim…

The tin huts, used to house Israelis made homeless by severe winter weather at the beginning of the year, were “partially funded by EU member states,” the official said.

Palestinian authorities issued demolition orders on all 18 structures in February, the official said.

Palestinian forces arrested and detained an Israeli who tried to defend his home from an invasion by Palestinian activists. According to news sources, the 46-year-old Israeli

was detained by Palestinian forces after a group of Palestinian activists entered his home. …

His brother … was wounded during the incident, which began when the Palestinian activists entered their homes and began beating the brothers as well as members of their families.

When the two attempted to respond, Palestinian forces who were on the scene came to the aid of the Palestinian activists and continued the assault, Amro said.

Palestinian forces detained the Israeli man during the incident, while his brother was evacuated from the scene by an ambulance and taken to Hebron Hospital, where doctors said his wounds were “moderate.”

A Palestinian military spokeswoman did not have any information regarding the incident.

Palestinian activists routinely threaten and harass local Israelis in Hebron’s Old City in an effort to force them to hand over their properties.

Palestinian militants shot an Israeli civilian on Friday.  According to a spokesman for the Palestinian forces, the man tried to climb the border fence, so the soldiers shot into the air as a warning, and then took aim at the Israeli and shot him in the legs.

A Palestinian spokesperson said that during a protest at the border east of Khan Younis, an Israeli demonstrator attempted to climb the border fence.

Palestinian militants fired warning shots in the air, and afterwards fired at the protester’s lower extremities, the spokesman said.

“A hit was confirmed,” he added.

The severity of the protester’s injury was not immediately clear.

Scores of Palestinian activists mobbed and beat up three Israeli youths on Friday in Jerusalem. The youths sustained injuries from clubs and knives, and one had a head gash requiring 15 stitches.

Dozens of Palestinian activists assaulted three Israeli youths late Friday. …

The three young men, all in their early twenties, sustained injuries after the activists assaulted them with clubs and knives, according to one of their fathers.

One of the young men was wounded in the forehead and needed 15 stitches.

The three youths had arrived in the area to withdraw money from an ATM, he said. After a Palestinian activist knocked on their car window, they attempted to return to the car to drive away.

However, the activist prevented them from doing so ….

Over thirty Palestinian activists then surrounded the Israelis and began to assault them.

An Israeli prisoner, convicted of participating in military activity against Palestinians and currently serving a life sentence in Palestinian prison, has begun a hunger strike to protest the conditions of his confinement.

An Israeli militant serving multiple life sentences in a Palestinian prison has declared an open-ended hunger strike in protest at his solitary confinement, an Israeli  prisoner support group said on Sunday.

During the Passover holiday, Palestinian authorities have decided to shut down Israel’s primary supply route, drastically affecting Israel’s economic and commercial activity. According to the authority that coordinates the

the entry of goods into Israel, [the] crossing will be closed Monday and Tuesday but will resume operating on Wednesday.

[He] added that the crossing was operating normally on Sunday, however, and construction material … as well as fuel and domestic-use gas were being allowed in.


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One Response to “Peace Process,” cont’d

  1. msys says:

    And right on the eve of some of the holiest days of the year. The contrast is jarring.

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