Funding Transparency: A Tea Party Idea Worth Supporting

David Hale, who just lost a primary challenge to a Republican incumbent, proposed that politicians sport the logos of their major funders, so that we can see whose interests they represent. He lost.

From Hale’s campaign site:

Rockford, IL — If elected to Congress I will introduce legislation that requires the US Congress to list with Logo on their Official Congressional Websites their PAC donors. It would require a side bar, or a bottom bar with clear distinction of all of their PAC donors with logos who have donated more than 2500 dollars in aggregate to their campaign within the previous 4 election cycles. This would include special interests like Planned Parenthood, Greenpeace, AFL-CIO, NEA, Soros Funds, CPUSA, Citibank, AIG, Raytheon, DuPont, General Electric etc., and a link to an appendix with their PAC Donor contact information or a link to the FEC Website to the specific donations from those PACs.

“Its only fair that we the people know who is donating to our Congressional Representatives in the House and Senate,” said David Hale. “If Congress truly wants to be transparent they will readily pass such an act and put their PAC money where their website is.”

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