Jeremy Scahill on Obama “lemmings”

Scahill, 13:20 and following, points out that it is right-wing libertarians, not centrist liberals, who have been militant about protecting civil liberties in the US, and resisting current attacks on political freedoms.

“I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m a journalist. I don’t consider myself a member of either of those parties, and they don’t speak for me.  … The vast majority of hate mail that I get today is from hard-core partisan Democrats who are nothing more than lemmings for the White House. … When you watch MSNBC, it’s like watching one big Obama-for-America meetup. And when you watch Fox News, it’s full of conspiracy theories about the scary black Marxist Manchurian candidate who wants to resurrect Chairman Mao and put him in charge of our economy.”

Party Democrats, according to Scahill, “have largely checked their consciences at the door of the Obama presidency.” We are seeing that “we only actually have one party in this country when it comes to national security policy and to war policy.”

Scahill adds, “We are living in a moment when the man in the White House won the Nobel Peace prize, is a constitutional lawyer by training, and is presiding over a global assassination program.”


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