Against steve jobs

I have been astonished at the affect poured out regarding the death of Steve Jobs, replete with apple icons in personified emotional states of all kinds. The point is by now banal, but corporations and their icons have entered our intimate social worlds, and we suffer from a total misperception of reality when we are lending emotions to their logos (an image that must have passed our faecbook walls a hundred times this week). Unless these sniffling Apples are intended as allegory, in which case one wonders why we ordinary people care so much about the CEO of a company whose products have thoroughly colonized the developed world. A successful PR campaign if anything. Here is the NYTimes eulogizing away:

…your Apple store…a crowded bazaar of idealized wonder and hopeless…The movement spread. People built their lives around the objects Steve Jobs gave them: the MacBook, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. … one of the rare participatory phenomena…this generation’s defining event … and this time everyone…who could afford Apple products…got to go to Woodstock… This was the future right in front of you. It was sleek, responding to your touch…That is what Steve Jobs gave us: the future.

Here is ioz to set us straight:

Steve Jobs gave us the future? I beg to differ. I say that he tied the poor, bleeding future by its neck to the rear bumper of his Time Machine and dragged it into the past. The molded plastic cases and backlighting may look like a spaceship, but their swift and planned descent into obsolescence is straight outta Detroit. I mean, look, I’ve got an iPod; it’s neat; it’s cool how much music is on the little bitty thing; but it has not revolutionized my fucking consciousness. I have not attained my non-dual state through the addition of an 8 megapixel camera in the iPhone whatever. Despite the best efforts of this here user-friendly intuitive interface, samadhi escapes me, or I it. This is not to disparage the guy’s intelligence. He was very smart. He built as successful a scam as any human could ever unreasonably expect. He changed forever the amount of money you are willing to spend on shit you do not really need and, even worse, already probably own.

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