Speeches from Occupy Wall Street (running list with some exerpts)

 zizek. here. we are witnessing how the system is destroying itself. we are not dreamers. they are the ones dreaming if they think that things can continue this way indefinitely.  jeffrey sachs. here. According to “dozens of opinion surveys in this country, the American public has wanted a different policy for years but the politicians are absolutely deaf to them. The Americans have said by large majorities to tax the rich, end the wars, and protect the social safety net. but the opposite is happening. … so the breakdown is with the public, it is… [Washington]….In what democracy in the world do you have to build a one billion dollar campaign chest? If you don’t make big bucks, you don’t get to speak to the president. The public is waking up. We elected change, but we got wall street back. joseph stiglitz. here. we have too many regulations stopping democracy, and not enough regulations stopping wall street….the system is not working right.it is not right when we have so many people without jobs…that we are throwing people out of their houses…our financial markets…are supposed to allocate capital, manage risk; but they misallocated capital and created risk. but we are bearing the cost of their misdeeds. there’s a system where we socialize losses and privatize gains. that’s not capitalism, that’s not a market economy…one of the things the banks did was to prey on the poor americans. predatory lending. … but wall street used its political power to stop those who would stop them… we bailed out the banks with an understanding that there would be a restoration of lending. all there was was a restoration of bonuses. unless we deal with the anticompetitive practices…we won’t have a robust recovery. jeff madrick. here. the bankers were allowed to take home their bonuses every year by developing risky strategies that one day had to go bad. they knew however they would take out their money before most of those investments went bad. economists call this asymmetric incentives. you make money by taking risk, but nobody takes it away from you when those strategies don’t work and lose lots of money. naomi klein. here. my fear at the peak of the financial crisis was that this bailout was going to translate to a public sector crisis, because the homeowners weren’t built out, because workers weren’t bailed out, because no conditions were placed on that huge transfer of wealth that would have created a different kind of economy or rebuilt a different kind of economy…. workers are returning now to the scene of the crime…and also to challenge this idea that we are broke…so people have come here to the citadel of abundance to put the lie to that claim, because there is so much wealth here. so it is not an economic crisis, it is a distribution crisis. …first there is the crisis that prepares the ground, then the economic “shock therapy” which is the medicine [of austerity measures, deregulation, privatization] that society is told it has to swallow, then the third is the repression upon those who would resist those measures…  there is a great deal of repression in this country… we are so confined, so restricted in our  movements. we can’t even amplify our voices [or use microphones] because the restrictions on citizenship, on freedom of speech, freedom to congregate, are so limited in this country. there really is a difference from other countries, where there is a lot more oxygen, a lot more ability to have spontaneous gatherings and use public spaces. this city has been so corporatized…yes more repression will come, but it is a lot harder to do when there are so many of us…. we are talking fundamentally here about builing another kind of economy. we are facing a deep ecological crisis, which has us on a deadline. we need to get off fossil fuels in a big way by the end of the decade.  so we are talking about profound shifts. we need to be getting away from a growth-based economy….I don’t buy the idea that the protestors should have a media-friendly list of demands about bank regulations. this movement doesn’t know what it can demand yet. if this movement is big, it can make really big demands.       anonymous. here. the revolution will not be televised. it will be downloaded and streamed… this generation has never seen a revolution. it has no idea what we are capable of.

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One Response to Speeches from Occupy Wall Street (running list with some exerpts)

  1. Andrea says:

    “It is not an economic crisis; it is a distribution crisis” – Yes!
    “I don’t buy the idea that the protestors should have a media-friendly list of demands about bank regulations. this movement doesn’t know what it can demand yet. if this movement is big, it can make really big demands.” – Hold out against pressure to be legible by the system against which we are protesting!

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