America, where speech is not free and protest is not allowed

Politicians and police are getting desperate to shut down protest in the US. The last thing the government wants to allow is a growing movement of protest. In this country, you are supposed to comply and consent and consume and shut up. If you don’t you will be pepper sprayed and violently arrested (at 3:16 and 6:09 and 6:56).

Yesterday, protesters nonviolently chanted from the Brooklyn Bridge, before police arbitrarily began arresting them.

Here is a quick one-minute montage of footage:

See also: (watch esp. at 5:50 for scenes of solidarity before police arrests. Protestors would later complain that the police shepharded them onto the bridge before trapping and arresting them all. See also at 9:00. The protestors, for over a week now, having been denied all forms of voice amplification by the police, have used a technique of group amplification whereby the speaker’s words are repeated, a few at a time, by the chorus so that all may hear them. Now that’s people power!)

And: (You can get a good sense of the flavor of the march before police began arresting people. you can see clearly (00:30) that the protestors had no warning of any kind as they entered the bridge, and that they were just trapped suddenly (2:15) and arrested as a tactic to shut down the protest. notice (5:10) that these are ordinary Americans getting arrested. A woman perceptively points (9:00) out that “we are peaceful assembly! this is a public space! we have a right to be here!”  )

The Financial Times reports on the discrepancy between the police account and reality:




As usual, alJazeera has excellent reporting:


And, probably relevant somehow, the First Amendment:

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