Uribe report at the UN

Subjects: UN, Israel, Uribe, Columbia, Turkey, Mavi Marmara, war crimes, Gaza, US foreign aid

The UN issued a report that was gently critical of Israel, suggesting that the killing of nine civilians aboard the Mavi Marmara was unwarranted and that an examination of the details makes it appear that the civilians were killed execution style, and while already wounded.

But the UN report also, scandalously, finds that the siege on Gaza by Israel is “legal” under international law. Dozens of past UN reports and resolutions find the contrary, that it is illegal, so this is a major change.

But an examination of the reports team of writers explains this clearly. The report was constituted by the UN to investigate the killings. Israel gave a short list of people it would find “acceptable” to sit on the committee. Alvaro Uribe was one of those chosen. Uribe was until recently the president of Columbia. Under his term, the most heinous human rights violations on the planet occurred with uninterrupted regularity. Uribe’s was also a US client regime. He was the third largest recipient of US foreign aid, behind Israel and Egypt, two other US client states. Finally, Uribe was one of the largest purchasers of Israeli arms. These facts entirely discredit his position on anything meaningful in the UN. The fact that he could have sat on an investigative committee of any sort , let alone coauthor its findings, makes a travesty out of the UN. That he, a former US client and major arms dealer with Israel, could have investigated Israel with disinterest and integrity is a farce. These facts make the UN report a whitewash, and a scandal.

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