Fighting terrorism with terrorism…or Israel’s race to barbarism

There is a problem with fighting terrorism with terrorism – Israel’s clear strategy today in Gaza. It is a race to the moral bottom. A race to barbarism.

There is a clear moral grid by which to judge Israel’s response to the attacks on Eilat – of which the perpetrators (Hizbollah? a dissident group in Gaza? Hamas?) are still not definitively known. Is the sovereign state going to use the standards of law and judicial process to determine the proper response? No, apparently it is going to adopt the blindness and fury of the terrorists who struck it as a national policy.

What is very disconcerting about Israel’s current lashing out at Gaza is that a) Gaza may turn out to have had nothing to do with the attack on Israel, which may have come from Hizbollah or another source; b) states should obviously have higher moral standards than terrorists; c) civilians, whether in Gaza or Israel, have little to do with the policies and actions of their governments and should not be killed just for being citizens of their country. Israel’s deliberate killing of civilians in the last few days reveals a very low moral compass indeed. If it adopts the logic and tactics of terrorists, then it can claim to be no better than those it opposes.

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One Response to Fighting terrorism with terrorism…or Israel’s race to barbarism

  1. Andrea says:

    Yes, indeed.

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