Fox News: where journalists consider themselves propagandists

Here Megyn Kelly consistently interrupts interlocutors when they express opinions she doesn’t want to hear. Rather than ask the questions, she consistently tells them what answers are supposed to be given. Have you ever tried to explain complicated situations while someone interrupts you every half-second or so?

This sort of ultracombative tendentious interview style is so obviously deleterious to clear and careful thinking or deep understanding. With no time but for split-second sound-bites, there’s no time for fresh ideas to emerge either – viewers are left without new information or ideas, and form their opinions based on who dominates the exchange rather than processing their information and taking their ideas into consideration. Exhibits below, both with Anthony Wiener, but a cursory search shows how typical they are. For more, you can also click at the Daily Show on the tag “Megyn Kelly.”

around :35 onward

the whole thing, but esp. around 4:10 to the end

And here, in this rather creepy interview with Howard Stern, we learn not only that Kelly is ready taking the bait from Stern, to present herself in a sexualized manner, but also that all the Fox News hiring come downs to a single man, Roger Ailes. What a concept, that one man can have this level of control over the dissemination of information. Call me naive, but it’s insane that this could be considered a public news service.

And further search has found, alas, that even as a successful news anchor, Kelly is ready to also present herself, as we see in this GQ photo op, in a hypersexualized manner and construct her public image as the object of salacious and prurient male gazes. Basically the image is saying “I’m someone you (male) would want to have sex with.” It is astounding to me that a woman with a law degree and her own television news program would feel the need to also present herself as objectified through the sexual lenses of a horny-male magazine like Gentlmen’s Quarterly (now just GQ) . So is Maxim next? Then perhaps Playboy? It is not that I have a problem with public women’s sexuality. I don’t. If Kelly were promoting some emancipatory form of female sexuality I would be applauding her. I am stunned that a woman of such public stature would feel the need to share poses with Britney Spears, that is all.

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