East Jerusalem and Zionist settlers

East Jerusalem. Annexed thru aggression by Israel in 1967. (Total Jerusalem population: 800,000, 35% Palestinian.) Technically the capital of the proposed future state of Palestine. Currently inhabited by Palestinians, but increasingly also by so-called Jewish “settlers” trying to claim the land for a Zionist vision of Israel.

The video below from the Guardian, made in conjunction with the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, captures some quotidian moments of this struggle over space and identity.

It is illegal to build anything in East Jerusalem without an Israeli official permit. Permits are systematically denied to Palestinians. If they are caught building anyway, then the house is either demolished or confiscated.

East Jerusalem house demolitions 2004-2010

The boy narrating the video shows how one half of his house, the “illegal” extension, has been confiscated by the state and offered instead to settlers. You can see in the video that the settlers see their actions as part of a systematic movement to take more land, or “acquire more properties” as one of the guides puts it. Many settlers also participate in actions to harass the local residents in an effort to get them to leave.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(Footage of East Jerusalem settlers (i.e., occupiers) destroying the property of their Palestinian neighbors here. Relevant Security Council Resolutions regarding Jerusalem, including 1967’s foundational 242, and several high-level diplomatic exchanges (albeit from a proZionist propaganda site) here. B’Tselem is an Israeli human rights organization. Here is their presentation on East Jerusalem.)

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