Some Anthony Weiner stupidity

Tearful admission: it was my cock on Twitter

In case any of us start to feel too fuzzy and sorry for the latest sex-picture victim and target of the despicable Breitbart sabotage tactics, let us recall the immoderate fictions and partisan lunacy Wiener passes off in public for a political position on Middle East affairs.

For Weiner, when it comes to Israel, there is no need reflect, demonstrate claims with reference to evidence, use nuanced language, or check the facts. If you are not “for” Israel, you are clearly with the terrorists.

In fact, professional fact checking organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the NYTimes are found by him to be biased against Israel. As Steven Colbert would put it, reality seems to have an anti-Israel bias. (via and h/t)

The list of examples is long, so I will just give a typical one. When the Freedom Flotilla, a group of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Palestinians, was viciously assaulted by Israeli commandos while in international waters in May 2010, Weiner gave an address in Times Square to inform us that the “humanitarians” were actually doing the work of terrorists.

Even if the United States is the only country on earth that understands the plight of Israel, we are gonna stand with them. Even if we are the only country on earth that understands what it is like to be the victim of a terrorist attack…we are going to stand with Israel…We are gonna fight to make sure you stay safe in the United States, and one of the ways we’re gonna do it is [by] keeping out terrorists like those who were on that boat that attacked the coast of Gaza.

Never mind that the “terrorists’ ” deadliest weapons were blunt objects plus bare hands and that Israel’s “antiterrorist” defense system included stealth helicopters, a warship, satellite jamming equipment, and commando forces.Nor that the ship “attacked the coast of Gaza” while in international waters, 70 miles off the coast. (For some context on flotilla massacre, see electronic intifada here.  Glenn Greenwald offers a refreshing antidote to the propaganda here. Eyewitness account by passenger here; another very good video interview of a Korean eyewitness at the UN Correspondent’s Association here).

All that to say, let’s not be too sad for his crocodile tears. Oh, they caught you quite literally with your pants down. Oops. We feel for the fact that this should not be newsworthy nor have anything to do with your viability as a political candidate. Glenn Greenwald is certainly right to point out the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the frenzy over politicians sexual lives. But let’s still call a spade a spade…



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