Robert Fisk is lucid on Middle East topics (2009 interview)

Some crib notes:

1. Middle East was carved up in the most artificial way after WWII; they never got a chance to have any political unity nor form their own nation-states. Hence, they revert to sectarian loyalties; either by tribe, by city, or by religious sect (Shia, Sunni, etc.).

2. The West is constantly arriving to “save” or “free” the people in the Middle East, with our tanks and our guns. And we end up just burning the destroying them instead.

3. One does not impose equality on another peoples. We have to let them figure out their own society; we cannot impose things like equality of education.

4. Iran is probably not after a nuclear weapon; and if it got one it probably would not use it. The real leaders of Iran are very careful, wise people. They are not stupid, even though Ahmadinejad himself may be so (but he is not, of course, the real leader in Iran). There is a crazy country full of religious fanatics however that already has a nuclear bomb, named Pakistan. And the west has to quit playing the game of decider on who gets a nuclear bomb or not, based on political loyalties. India, you get one; Iran, you don’t get one.

5. Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires – because it is just this. No one wins at conquering the country, and Obama will certainly not prevail there. He was foolish to attach his name to that war.

6. Israel and Palestine is an equation of land for peace. Israel can continue to steal land, sure, but it will not have peace. If it wants peace, it will have to give back land. There is no way around this equation.

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