Police brutality in the US: white cops beating black bodies

This is why there is resentment in lower-class communities of color toward cops. Any questions?

Common, Grammy award winning rapper, poet, and Fox News straw man

Given the recent media hysteria over Common, the rapper-poet recently invited to the White House, and whom Fox News have asserted is a supporter of “cop-killers,” the video above is especially relevant.

In response to Fox News, it would seem crucial to me to stop the callow accusations and to try to understand where resentment and hatred toward cops might come from.

Consider the following, as one recently publicized example:

Between the years of 1972 and 1991, approximately 135 African-American men and women were arrested and tortured at the hands of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and officers under his command at Area 2 police headquarters. Some of these victims were as young as thirteen years old. Various court cases have established that the methods of torture used in the interrogation of suspects included electric shock to the ears and genitalia, mock executions, suffocation, and burning. While Jon Burge was ultimately fired by the Chicago Police Department, not a single perpetrator of the tortures has ever been criminally prosecuted.

“ [A] mountain of evidence indicates that torture was an ordinary occurrence at the Area Two station of the Chicago Police Department. Eventually, as this sorry tale came to light, the Office of Professional Standards Investigation of the Police Department looked into the allegations, and it issued a report that concluded that police torture under the command of Lt. Jon Burge — the officer in charge of Hinton’s case — had been a regular part of the system for more than ten years. And, in language reminiscent of the news reports of 2004 concerning the notorious Abu Ghraib facility in Iraq, the report said that ‘[t]he type of abuse described was not limited to the usual beating, but went into such esoteric areas as psychological techniques and planned torture.’” . . .

There is much more to say to Fox News, however, and Jon Stewart says much of it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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1 Response to Police brutality in the US: white cops beating black bodies

  1. Andrea says:

    How many more videos like these are “too graphic” for public release? To have such uncontrovertible evidence of assault (not “official oppression”) withheld seems indicative of much going on behind closed doors, especially since the guilty cops were not fired for completely unacceptable behavior. I didn’t realize how privileged a position it is to assume the cops are “keeping people safe” – for some cops, apparently, only some people deserve respect, much less protection.

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