The Daily Show becomes seriously political

The Daily Show is offering some of the most lucid, insightful political analysis on mainstream television today.

Three weeks ago, after a one-week hiatus, the show returned as if with a new mandate: to get political. The gloves came off, and punches were no longer pulled. Anyone who doubted the importance of the Daily Show could doubt no longer.

I have been astonished at the show’s increasingly serious engagement with the political narratives running American politics today. Instead of merely mocking stupidity, the show has now moved into serious engagement with those narratives. Jon Stewart had long been admired as a keen, lucid, hard-hitting interviewer. Now I feel that the show has self-consciously politicized its content and is no longer willing to stay in the safe zone center of American politics.

Here, Daily Show style, is a satirical commentary on the birthers and the scare tactics used by both parties to attempt to shore up political support in the next election:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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