Wisconsin wealth: its about redistribution, stupid!

You know, like from the rich to the poor.

That is, says gov’nr Walker, let’s give tax-cuts to the rich and make the poor pay more. We could call it an “emergency.”

Rachel Maddow does a great job explaining the basics of the class warfare we are seeing play out here. The ultra rich have essentially purchased expensive politicians like Walker (number one donor: Koch bros.) to implement policies that will make them richer.

Maddow points out that the Koch brothers’ income went up nine billion dollars last year! That is, from 35 to 44 billion. So the richest guys in the world, literally, are buying government policy. And what’s number one on their list? Bust the unions!

Maddow’s explanation gets going around 4:00.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

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