Our village dummy speaks again…Rush’s insatiable idiocy

It seems that practically every week I come across something out of Limbaugh’s mouth that I find so incredibly unthoughtful and short-sighted that I contemplate posting about it. And each time, I think to myself: no need to broadcast bigotry, Rush is such a farce, his buffoonish antics so uninteresting and such an obvious plea for publicity, that to amplify them is to play into his game.

But this recent rant, in which Mr. Limbaugh makes the observation that one who does not speak the language of the visiting Chinese president cannot verify the truthfulness of the translation, and then goes for ten seconds imitating how Chinese sounds to him….this reveals such a simple mind that I have a hard time understanding how anyone could have respect for his ideas. And this is a man who, three years ago, was being referred to as the de facto leader of the Republican party because his influence was so big. If the buffoon in the video clip below is setting the agenda for or in any way representative of the Republican party, then the prospect of his worldview actually running the world is a truly dismal idea.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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