Antidote to Peter Bergen’s nonsense on the Daily Show (re: Afghanistan)

Peter Bergon says:

We’ve made progress in Afghanistan. They like us. The Afghans want us to stay. The war is going great.

This guy delivers rosy, handmade talking points about Afghanistan that correspond in nothing with what is actually happening there. I don’t understand how he can get taken seriously, though it is very disturbing that his fiction is what gets broadcast to the mainstream American public. Compare the following videos below.

From two months ago, the incredibly articulate duo of Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley, unembedded journalists who actually met with real people, and didn’t get their quotes over the barrel of a gun, as the embedded journalists do. Being embedded means that you go where the military tells you to, where they tell you it is safe, and you talk to the people they introduce you to, and you interview people while you stand within earshot or eyeshot of a bunch of Green Berets with giant guns. I’m sure honesty is a prerogative of the informants. Then you go on CNN or FOX and tell America about your fictional vision of how the war is going. Take a look at an honest shot, below. Then compare to the rosy fictions of Peter Bergen on the Daily Show yesterday.

And here is Peter  Bergen:

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