Some John Steward gold: freedom is just a slogan for party hacks

John Stewart interviews Eric Santor, the Republican whip (what is a whip). Again and again, Stewart makes crippling attacks at Santor’s assertions, showing them to be reductive, misleading platitudes. At one point, he seems to have had enough when Santor accuses him of “ridiculing freedom.” Stewart lets him have it (around 7:15):

I’m not ridiculing freedom, I’m ridiculing the idea of freedom as a slogan….Capitalism, you cannot deny, has a certain  collateral damage. So somebody has to stand up for the working people. The corporations aren’t going to do it, the media certainly isn’t going to do it, so government has a role in doing that.

In part two:

…the fallacy that limited government is the principled stand of conservatives. It’s only limited to the shit they want to do [the Iraq war, for example]. That’s what’s limited about it. That’s my point.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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