You can have sex with me…if you’re genes are correctly configured!

So he said: you want to hop in the sack? She said: you’re Jewish ass looks good to me.

Little did she know…he wasn’t Jewish!!! Even worse…he was Palestinian!!!

They had had sex. Later, she claims that she was “raped” because he was actually a Palestinian posing as a Jew.

The courts, the Israeli courts that is…agreed! She was, according to them, indeed “coerced” into having sex because the man “gave false information.”

How about that: every time anyone gives false information about themselves and that information plays into a consensual sex scenario, this is a crime…punishable by a year and a half of prison!

So watch out, all you bachelors and bachelorettes lying about your age, your marital status, your natural hair color, your intentions, your income, your job status, whether certain body parts have been surgically enhanced…or your religion…or your RACE!!! You’re committing rape! You’re doing something, according to this court, equivalent to using a weapon and threatening violence in order to oblige a person to let you take possession of their  body and manipulate it against your will. No lying allowed! You must tell the truth…or they’ll send you to jail! And the truth…especially about your RACE!!!

Merav Mor:

“I really, really don’t think there was any discrimination on any racial ground. I think this is purely a case of a man giving false information in order to fraudulently coerce a women into a sexual relationship. It’s, again, wrong to say this was consensual. If a woman or a man feels that they were given wrong information, they were raped, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the Arab situation in Israel, the conflict. The rape crisis centers see this as a criminal case of rape, and that’s what the courts decided.”

More reporting and commentary:

Gideon Levy:

Sabbar Kashur wanted to be a person, a person like everybody else. But as luck would have it, he was born Palestinian. It happens. His chances of being accepted as a human being in Israel are nil.

If we needed any more evidence to realize the level of regressive, racist ideology that has permeated Israeli society, even to the level of policy, now infiltrating the juridical system, this is it. This ruling is reminiscent of the old California “no racial mixing” laws under which black and brown males were prosecuted for having sex with white women. And, or course, it is reminiscent of the famous Nazi laws against racial mixing. Germans were not allowed to have sex with Jews or even other Germans with one-quarter Jewish background, and Jews who lied about being Jewish, who pretended to be “German”, could suffer the worst consequences. We have all seen those Hollywood scenes of  third Reich Germany where the gorgeous blond nubile girl is making out with the gorgeous, young guy, but then finds out he’s a Jew…and, disgustedly, won’t have anything to do with him, denounces him, severs her connection with him, exposes her racist ideology. It is hard for me to see how this is anything but a rehearsing of these same scenes, and a form of juridical terrorism: if you’re Palestinian, if your an Arab in Israel…watch out!

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