Greece: where even the frogs come out in protest

As if the political and economic tumult wasn’t enough to rattle the people of Greece, little frogs — “millions,’ according to the police chief of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Thanoglou — closed one of the country’s major highways for more than two hours on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.

Greece has been rocked by a spate of general strikes. The working class is under fire from the top. When the economic crisis hit Greece hard, the EU came to the rescue. The perfect time to operate one of their famous “structural adjustments.” That is, rearrange the economy to make it more friendly for corporate profits, and throw the interests of ordinary people out with the bathwater. Greece has a strong social welfare history. This is what at stake; the current attack on this system by the IMF and EU wants to demolish it and liberalize the country.

The conditions of the “rescue” (read: closet attack on the workers) were stiff: the government must bring the working class to heel and make them pay for the country’s debt crisis. The workers’ response: “We’re not gonna pay for the follies of the rich! They created the crisis, and they can pay for it!” Just as in the US, the rich are getting bailed out while the poor get screwed with the public sector. It’s pure shock doctrine: never let a good crisis go to waste, there’s still so much profit to squeeze out of the poor, as long as you can properly domesticate them.

It’s the perfect time to take back everything the workers have fought for in the last 30 years. Nearly all the measures will hit this class, and none of them will touch the profits of the rich.

Examples: slash civil servants’ wages, raise the retirement age, reduce public services, etc. (The same thing that’s going on here in California, in fact: so we can see the repetition of this technique – never let a crisis go to waste, there are too many profits generate for the superrich.)

We’re all waiting with bated breath to see how these will turn out. Everyone’s paying close attention because Spain, Italy, and Portugal are next in line for the same thing. Greece has the strongest and fiercest working class on the continent, and we’re anxious to see what kind of resistance they can still offer to a ruthless capitalist advance. In the meantime, frogs to the rescue, at least for a day.

The frogs heeded the call for general strike and came out in the millions.We all know whose side the frogs are on!

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