Strike: this is what people can do

In Greece, people still remember how to strike, as a comrade reports from the trenches:

Last week, the Greek socialist government faced one of its biggest challenges yet, a standoff with independent Greek farmers demanding their subsidies be reinstated. Across Greece farmers stood strong in the face of harsh threats from the government condemning their actions. The farmers used their tractors to block the border with Bulgaria as well as highways and main roads.

And Greece is under global scrutiny as a current leader in worker solidarity, as this comrade suggests in the same entry:

Greece is a very small country. It is incredibly inspiring to see the Greek working class stand up to the pressures of global business interests and the EU. There are other countries facing major deficits besides Greece, but Greece is under the spotlight because its working class has put up the fiercest fight yet. The resistance of Greeks to the violence of this economic crisis inspired and continues to inspire people all over the world, myself included. This resistance and the way it is being considered carefully by credit agencies and regional governments alike should clue us into what kinds of resistance are actually reckoned with seriously by the capitalist class.

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