The healthcare countdown…will it have meaningful change? (ie, public option)

Alan Grayson, a congressman from Florida gives (video on DemNow) a great run down of the current situation in the health care reform debate, which is quickly counting down to launchtime. This guy is refreshing. One of the few moments in recent politics that I have been inspired by a politician’s rhetoric.

Here is a transcript with my highlights.

Here are some main points:

The current system of private insurance, which the Republicans only want to continue, is rife with problems. Many agree that there is a conflict of interest when an insurance agency is trying to make a profit off of those it insures. It has every incentive to kick people off when they get sick, and to elude covering them as much as possible, and this is precisely what they do.

Some of the personal stories on his run like this: I have cancer, but I can’t afford treatment and raise my family at the same time (and my insurance has kicked me off), so I’m just gonna have to die early so my family isn’t out on the street.

Okay Republicans, your best defense is to claim that the government can’t run anything, so let’s not even try to make a better system. But that’s no excuse not to provide a public option that people can opt into by simply by choice. It would offer competition to private insurance, and if it doesn’t work because “the government can’t run anything,” than so be it people will opt for private insurance, nothing to lose.

When I had a kid, after having had him, my insurance company told me it didn’t cover maternity and delivery, even though I thought I was fully covered, and I got stuck with a 10,000 dollar bill.

Many poor people have no health care  coverage, and they are far more likely to die each year.

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