The occupying of the middle east

One reason why it is strategically useful to invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, regardless of how (un)smooth the occupation goes, is that the US gets to keep giant military bases there after it leaves. This is superimportant for world domination, since it is only through the noose of military bases (in countries like Japan, Korea, Philippines, Germany, etc.) that it is able to remain the big bully of world politics.

How many foreign bases does the US maintain over the globe? Answer: over 700, not including the covert ones, which puts the number well over 1000, nor the domestic ones, of which there are many thousands (here and here).

How much does the United States spend on its enormous military network? 689 billion dollars officially, much more unofficially (labeled as “emergency spending, etc.)

How many bases currently in Iraq? Answer: over 300 of them.

How much are tax-payers spending on all these bases? Billions and billions and billions.

Report: 700 Military Bases in Afghanistan

The website is reporting the number of military bases in Afghanistan now totals around 700. A spokesperson for the US-led NATO occupation force confirmed US and NATO bases outnumber those of the Afghan military by around 400 to 300. The bases range from small sites to mega-bases like Bagram Air Base, which boasts outlets of US fast food chains like Burger King and Popeyes Chicken. At least twelve more bases are slated for construction to host the additional 30,000 troops arriving in Afghanistan as part of President Obama’s escalation of the Afghan war.

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2 Responses to The occupying of the middle east

  1. andreakente says:

    And yet these facts are conspicuously absent from all the panic-stricken discussions of national budget deficit…

    • beautype says:

      Ya no kidding. How many jobs could we create if we used half of the military budget for a single year…People scream (rightly) that we spend 180 billion dollars on AIG and co. – but why don’t we hear more screaming about the 680 billion dollars plus spent on “defense?” That’s more than most of the rest of the world put together. You’d think that the whole world is in a league out to get us, though looking at the history of modern wars it looks like more like we’re out to get them. Think of how much ideological work, mediated by movies, pulp novels, video games, and talking heads, it takes to normalize the giant war enterprise. If we took that stuff away, I wonder how long it would take for people to begin to see war machines in a new way, not as “cool” but as technologies of death and poison.

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